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College Grad Job Hunter is a site dedicated to college students and recent grads. Their target demographic is 18-25 year olds, with more than 84% of their visitors in the 18-25 range

The site has won more awards (over 40) than any other career site on the Web, including the Excite four-star, the highest rating that can be achieved, and I-Way 500, the Top 500 Web sites in the world.

The site is visually pleasing, with icons and titles to describe what is contained when a user clicks on them. The information on preparation, resumes, jobs, interviews and a new job is useful, especially for recent or new college graduates. The information, however, is not always available on the Web. Instead, an outline or paragraph is provided, and the user has the option of buying the book from which the information was excerpted. Review provided courtesy of Lori P. (Spring, 1999).

This free site is wonderful. It tells everything you need to know about electronic resumes. It starts off by telling a story about John Posada who posted an electronic resume. Two days later he had a job. It tells tips on preparing a resume for posting. I clicked on the green resume 101 box and it told all about posting your resume. It tells how to do it and where to go along with advantages and disadvantages of each kind of resume such as keyword resumes, hypertext resumes and scannable resumes. It also has a question/answer section about cover letters. It also has what others think about electronic resumes but the server was unable to find my request at that time. This is a very useful web site. Rebecca Smith writes everything. Most of the information was said to have come from her books like Resumes! Resumes! Resumes! Printed in 1997. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

This site seems a little dark but has resume help, cover letter help, interviewing tips and career help. The resume section has several separate sections telling many things ranging from how to gather and check all necessary information to evaluating your resume. The information was helpful because it told you exactly what you needed to put in a resume and what shouldnít be added, sort of like brainstorming. It also had links to advice from professionals on guides to a job search. It has free resume workshops. If you were having troubles with writing there is a link to different university writing centers. It had a nice section on effective cover letters. It also had sample letters (200) for different jobs you could look at. There was a link for interview tips and had suggestions for college grads. It also listed possible questions to look for in an interview. I really liked the career talk section. It was interesting. When I went to it was very confusing and I wasnít sure where to go. It wasnít as helpful. Iím not really sure who sponsors this free site but many university writing centers are recommended to go to for help. It is an online career service network. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).óThe Princeton Review

The sponsor of the site is The Princeton Review, a company that provides standardized test preparation information through courses, books, software, and online services. The site links to information about college, law school, medical school, careers, graduate school, and business. Using the search engine within the site, searches can find the inside tip on a school, a local or regional Princeton Review Office, or a course in a local area to assist in test preparation.

The site was very easy to navigate and provided quality information. There were no costs for the tips they provided. The primary purpose of the site is to provide job searchers with useful information and to expose them to the resources the company produces so that they might consider buying them.

I liked the variety of information found on this site. It could be used by high school students searching for a college or university, undergraduate students looking for a job, or recent graduates who want to pursue an advanced degree. Review provided courtesy of Lori P. (Spring, 1999).

This site is written by author, Regina Pontow to sell her books. I first went to resumes that sell. It shows before and after resumes. I definitely saw the differences. She tries to sell her book while giving tips on how to improve your resume. She discusses the two basic formats for a resume. There is a section on scannable resumes and Internet posting. Also how to do a home page resume which was sort of a neat idea to think of. The section on tips for resumes for different positions you wish to apply for tells what to put and how to do effective cover letters and thank you letters. It also has a section on interviewing. It gives examples on how to answer a tricky question with a good answer. This site seems like it could be a little helpful even though it seems more like an advertisement for her books. She also has a service that you can send in your resume and have her critique it for anywhere between $35-120. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

This is a very good site that is sponsored by the writing center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This free site has a sample resume for a cat that looks pretty good so the point is anyone can have a good resume. It also has a place you can go to, to punch in a business or companyís name to see if you want to find information on a possible future employer. It has a link so that you can post your own resume on the Internet. It explains how to prepare a scannable resume and shows sample ones. It also gives advice for how to write a career-related homepage. The writing center provides lots of advice on cover letters with samples to look at. For interviewing, it has a quiz under the hot seat that you can take on how you should answer questions in an interview. Itís really good. I took it and found my interview skills arenít too bad. I recommend taking it. It has a lot of relevant questions. This site also has job hunting techniques. I find this site very useful! Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

Then I began to get bored so I went to hot links and went to where it had advice for resumes and letter and an ace the interview section. I took the resume quiz and they told me to use a chronological resume and showed some examples. I went to the how to and it showed how to do the perfect resume. The ace the interview part had many hints like donít sweat it and remember the 3-Rís (Research, Rehearse and Relax). I liked the virtual interview. It was hard and gave me a whole new perspective on how to interview or what to say. The only bad thing was the repetitive questions. Itís free so I recommend using it. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

This is a very colorful and appealing site. Itís all about resumes. It explains what a resume is and what the best kind of resume is for you. It tells about each kind and if you click on the type it tells what it is and shows examples of what it should look like but you have to purchase those. You can also purchase sample cover letters. Yana Parker did everything written. It had a quick link to Purdue University that was helpful under selected resume resources on the web. Go to recent graduates then to your resumeÖ This section seemed most helpful and it was free! It told things to know before you start and showed free samples of resumes and cover letters. It also had a section on how to do a reference sheet and has a resume workshop you can go to. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

Loyola University-Chicago sponsors this site. It seems to be very useful. It has a list of ten things to know about scannable resumes. It recommends a book as an excellent resource. I clicked the arrow to take me to the page ahead and it took me to something like a table of contents. It had many more tips on assisting career development, where to start looking on the Internet and additional resources. All of it is free and seemed pretty good. This site has a multi-purpose job base where it lists companies and sites you can go to look for a job. It will take you to a job listing for all the states in newspapers or other sources. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

Florida State University sponsors this free site. It goes into great depth about resumes. It gives doís and do notís, categories to put in resumes and lists two basic approaches (chronological and functional). FSU has sample resumes at the career center library, which doesnít seem too helpful for us unless we go to Florida. It also goes into developing career objectives, which is very important. It has a nice career objective guide sheet that would be useful to fill out before deciding exactly what you are wanting in a job. There is a nice section on general suggestions for letters. The sample cover letter outline was helpful. It had great tips for interviewing. I liked the 50 question deal. Some are things I never thought of practicing. It also lists things to do after the interview as in follow up and write thank you notes. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

This government site seemed very helpful and free! It has basic misconceptions and tips on writing a resume, which were excellent. It lets you in on the big picture. The resume gets you the interview. It list three kinds to choose from (reverse chronological, functional and combination) and shows excellent examples of each. After you choose which one you want to write it lists how to write it. It has a nice checklist to see how you would rate your own resume. It recommends University of Minnesota resume tutor. Itís a very good recommendation. It wonít write it for you but it will help you. It gives listings for government jobs too. It tells a little about on-line resumes and scannable resumes but not a whole lot. It can be helpful if you are not familiar with how to do a resume. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

This free site is sponsored by the department of mathematics, statistics and computer science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It is helpful because it lists a 12-step program on how to get a job. It starts off with strategies like deciding what position you want or preparing a vita. It lists guidelines what should be in a vita. It suggested each vita should go along with the job description. The only thing I didnít like was I still donít totally know what a vita is. It suggests to get letters of recommendation and to keep copies of them with you at all time (just in case). It has a small section on how to do a cover letter and a list of things you should include in your application packet. Iím not sure how good the information is but it is a university web site. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

This is a government ran site but has a note that says link information is not their responsibility. This site had an interesting aspect to it. You could get into the 1998-99 Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This is good if youíre looking for a job. It lists jobs in specific fields. If you click on one it has details of the business and the job description. It also has several other things such as interview skills, how to reach a company and information on resumes and cover letters. Under each link it says where the information came from so I would say the information is valid. Itís a nice site with a diverse range of items to help you get a job. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

(This was hard to get back in. I had to type in to get in then scroll down to cs1006.htm before it would take me to the page.)

I clicked on resume, letter writing and interviewing resources, which took me to job search guides. It had lists on resumes correspondence and interview/job searches. Each link tells where information came from. The ones I clicked on seemed to be very good and informative. The good part was that most of the links had examples of resumes or cover letters. In one of the interview links it gave good sample questions that would probably need to be known before you go in to the interview. This seemed like a decent site. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

1st Choice Resumes TM sponsors this site. It gives common sense interview tips that are pretty much common sense and things most people already know. They are things everyone needs to know. This site charges to write a resume and a cover letter for a very salty price. Makes me want to go into the business of writing resumes for a living. They do have special discounts for students. This site wasnít as helpful as I hoped but those tips are things everyone needs to know. Review provided courtesy of Jennifer B. (Spring, 1999).

This site is a Chicago-based directory and employment Web site that allows both searching and posting of hot jobs and resumes by category, company, job field, salary or date posted. All services are free, and additional offerings include career information, job hunting tips, networking information and resumes tips, to name a few. They are part of Chicagoís High Tech Directory.

Although it is not as appealing or attractive as the other sites, the information is broken down easily and the links provided are very direct as to what information they contain. However, every time I tried to go beyond the front page of this Web site, the computer locked. I could never get past home. Review provided courtesy of Lori P. (Spring, 1999).